ZHM GROUP FLOW has extensive experience in the supply of equipment in the field of yeast and related products. Areas of particular expertise are:

Purification of molasses
Production of yeast extracts
Reception, storage and distribution of liquid baker’s yeast

The three processes are independent of each other, but since molasses is a waste product from sugar refining, it can be used as one of the basic ingredients for the production of baker’s yeast. Baker’s yeast can then be used as a raw material for yeast extract.
Purification of molasses

This consists of the following process steps:

Water dilution and pre-heating
Sterilization using steam injection, to the required sterilization temperature.

Following these processes the molasses can be stored and/or transferred to the reactor tanks.
Production of yeast extract

These extracts are used as natural taste enhancers and to increase protein levels in the food industry. The process consists of the following steps:

Opening of the yeast cells by heating/cooling and changing the pH.
Washing and separating the ruptured yeast cells
Concentration in an APV plate evaporator, followed by filtration
Filling into pots or transferring to further drying processes

Liquid baker’s yeast reception, storage and dosing
This unit has been developed together with Gist Brocades in Holland and enables the temperature and distribution of liquid baker’s yeast to be precisely controlled within the end user’s factory. This is an excellent example of ZHM GROUP FLOW and customers working together to produce a technical solution which results in improved consistency and reduced costs.