Vegetable Fats

With changing eating habits, vegetable based fats and spreads are a range of products with one of the most rapidly increasing sales volumes. ZHM GROUP FLOW has built on its wide experience in both dairy products and fat technology to offer processes for this important sector of the market.

Product % Fat (w/w) Pack type
Basic Margine 78-80 Wrapped blocks

Soft Margine 78-80 Tubs

Low-fat spreads 35-76 Tubs or wrapped blocks

Very low-fat spreads 4-25 Tubs

ZHM GROUP FLOW has considerable experience in supplying plants for margarine and low-fat spreads around the world. Many reference installations illustrate that ZHM GROUP FLOW has the skill and know-how to provide complete installations. Equally, ZHM GROUP FLOW can offer cost-effective improvements to existing process lines, particularly with regard to pasteurization and re-work of the final product.