Cosmetics Sterilization
UHT Infusion for Cosmetics

SPX FLOW is a world leader in UHT technology with a comprehensive portfolio of tried and tested UHT plant solutions including plate, tubular, injection and infusion UHT plant technologies. Infusion is the most efficient technology for UHT sterilized products. UHT infusion involves heating products very rapidly from 20°C to 150°C with clean steam, keeping the product at that temperature for a few seconds and cooling it down to 30°C very rapidly. The high temperature, combined with strong thermal shocks, destroys the most resistant micro-organisms. The rapidity of heating and cooling avoids any product deterioration. This treatment is applied to end products and the equipment can be easily installed between existing process tanks and filling machines.
Why Choose SPX FLOW UHT Technologies:

30 years of experience in UHT technologies particularly infusion technology
Broad experience in cosmetic and pharmaceutical plant realization
Turnkey plants including design, software, assembly, commissioning, documentation, training and qualification according to current international regulations
Components with special pharmaceutical design
Trials conducted in a large test centre
Ensures full maintenance and re-qualification in the world

Process Diagram and Benefits:



Accurate control of sterilization temperature and holding time
High sterilization effect
Maintains and sometimes improves product characteristics such as: viscosity, perfume, color and smoothness
High product flexibility
Integrated CIP/SIP technology
Highly automated and operator friendly
Scalable materials from pilot to industrial plants
Many SPX FLOW components included in system: (heat exchangers, Infusion, pumps, dynamic mixers, membrane valves) for one source development and after-sales support

Installation Flexibility:

Preassembled skid can be easily connected to upstream and downstream equipment
Customised solution to fit in customer specifications
Possible flow rates from 100 to 4000 l/h, depending on batch sizes to be treated
Equipment is adaptable to various inlet and outlet product temperatures
Sterilisation temperature can be varied from 100 to 150°C and holding time from 0.05 to 10 seconds or more

Why UHT treat cosmetics?

Cosmetics usually contain different chemical additives in order to avoid bacteria and fungi contamination. But more and more consumers are concerned about possible health effects that preservatives such as parabens in cosmetics present. Alternatives to preservatives, such as alcohol or essential oils…can also create allergies. A unique solution to avoid using additives is sterilizing products with Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treatment. The product must then be filled in adequate packaging to keep the sterility, even after use by the consumer. SPX FLOW brand APV has applied its vast knowledge of UHT systems, and adapted UHT infusion, to cosmetic applications.
UHT Pilot Plant to test your Products
SPX FLOW Innovation Centre:

The SPX FLOW Innovation Centre operates several UHT pilot plants capable of running all the main UHT systems. These pilot plants are used for product testing and new process development. Our customers also test new processes and optimize existing process parameters assuring production scalability. Because the centre is equipped with mixing tanks, aseptic filling machines, complete laboratory facilities and all utilities, customers can simulate complete process line before investing.

Theory of Operation: