Soft Margarine

Margarine is an emulsion made from of up to 20% w/w water in fat, with or without added salt. It resembles butter but is manufactured mainly from vegetable oils and up to 10% butter fat may be added to improve flavour. The fats or oils are normally refined and can be hydrogenated to give the desired “hard” or “soft” texture.

ZHM GROUP FLOW can provide complete systems and process line upgrades for the manufacture of high quality margarine.
More Capabilities
Process Diagram and Benefits


A wide variety of reference installations illustrates that SPX FLOW has the skill and know-how to provide complete solutions. Equally, we provide cost-effective improvements to selected unit operations in existing production lines, such as pasteurisation and re-work of the final product.
We have developed a unique system which allows simultaneous pasteurisation and melting of re-work. This avoids the need for a separate batch melting system, in which oxidative product deterioration could occur, thus reducing plant cost by minimising overall equipment requirements.
ZHM GROUP FLOW offers tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements. For example, the mixing and blending of ingredients can either be performed on a batch system, or, for larger scale production, more automated continuous options are available.
When ripened milk is included in the ingredients, SPX FLOW’s proven expertise in dairy processing has a significant advantage in engineering modern systems, which enable the production of a consistently high-quality cultured product.
Our unit equipmentis especially designed to enable effective cleaning in place and can be linked into a total cleaning system. APV packaged in-place cleaning units provide recovery systems which minimise the use of chemicals and water and reduce effluent. Our latest systems are even more environmentally friendly and cost effective by including membrane filtration of the cleaning fluids for selected applications.
All APV equipment and processes meet stringent world hygiene standards.