Set Yogurt

Yogurt is the most popular of the cultured milk products. The process for manufacture of set yogurt includes the following steps:
Milk pre-treatment

Protein concentration
Fat standardisation
Heat treatment
PH reduction
Inoculation and heating
Flavour dosing
Bacterial fermentation
Final cooling

Set Yogurt Capabilities

Each stage of yogurt manufacture requires careful selection and control of raw materials, processing conditions, and equipment. ZHM GROUP FLOW’s wide-ranging experience in this field ensures consistent high-quality products.
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Process Diagram and Benefits


ZHM GROUP FLOW offers an enormous range of resources to the dairy industry in process engineering, equipment manufacturing, project management – for both large and small projects – and world-class development facilities.

Our range of product recovery and waste reduction processes are designed to reduce effluent costs and minimise loss of valuable product. These processes include:
“Pigging” systems to maximise product recovery from pipework
Special clean-in-place (CIP) software programs to minimise drainage and water usage
Membrane concentration systems for recovery of product/water mixes for recycling or sale
Optimisation of plant layout at the design stage – i.e. built-in waste reduction
Automation software and instrumentation for accurate monitoring and control.