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Commissioning and start-up is the final step before production runs in a processing plant. AMG, Inc., is uniquely poised to perform commissioning and start-up and the accompanying trouble-shooting and problem-solving activities, whether as part of a design/build project or as a final step in an ongoing project. Essential tasks include:

Commissioning & start-up preparation

Understanding that each project/process is unique, the AMG, Inc., staff takes the following approach:

  • Meet with client to determine specific needs & concerns
  • Create a customized checklist based on the client’s needs
  • Assemble all information collected during the project’s planning, design, & construction
  • Sort project data from the Intelligent P&ID design database into the appropriate areas:
  • Equipment
  • Piping
  • Valves
  • Instrumentation

System sterility

nitially, a system is sterilized by direct injection of low-pressure steam. Equipment, piping, and sterile barrier surface temperatures are checked and documented.

When necessary, a sterility challenge is performed. The system is inoculated with sterile media, and bacteria growth is monitored for several days. If contamination occurs, the system is completely disassembled and inspected to identify the root cause.

Sometimes, the system later shows evidence of contamination after a successful sterility challenge. AMG, Inc., can be called in to identify the source of contaminants and suggest actions that will prevent future contamination.

What can cause repeated contamination of a previously sterilized production system? Examples include:

  • Equipment design or maintenance
  • Staff procedures or practices
  • Stainless steel integrity
  • Sterilizing equipment failure
  • Clean-in-place equipment failure
  • Building contaminants, such as airborne particulates & organisms
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