The Project Management

The project management for any contract entered between ZHM and the client will be carried out by a project manager.

The project manager is responsible for the project being executed in a proper technical way, both quality and time wise.

The project manager will work out time and procurement schedules for the project including time of shipments.

The project manager will be responsible for all the correspondence between the client and ZHM and will once a month or week issue a progress report to keep both the management of the client and ZHM posted on the implementation of the project based on the project is a medium scale or large.

The project manager will be responsible for the invoicing of the shipments and services to the client.

The project manager will be responsible for the installation of the machinery and equipment and will during the installation period have a supervisor stationed at the site, who will supervise the erectors and coordinate the installation. Further, the supervisor will hold regular site meetings to monitor the progress.

The project manager will arrange the taking-over tests upon completion of the installation and will be responsible for all contractual obligations from the time of award of contract to completion of guarantee period.

The project management will be ended upon a successful completion of the project by signing a project completion document evident the complete satisfactory outcome and should have the admiration for a the great deal of his successful intervention.

We are thankful to all the concern for helping us even with a single word if the same is for the welfare the entire project management.

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