An outline of

Installation and Supervision of Installation and Commissioning

The installation of the machinery and equipment comprises the following main


  • Complete supervision of all the machinery supplied by us
  • Complete supervision of the piping systems supplied by us
  • Complete supervision of the electrical equipment supplied by us

The above mentioned services shall be carried out by ZHM’s installation

Supervisors with the assistance of a labour force.

The cost for the local labour force whatsoever will be under the contract.

Total time for installation is calculated to 2 months for any project of approx. Out capacity within 100MT per day based on 24 hours.  1 main machinery Engineer will continuously be at site for full time any prolongation without the control of ours should be on the Client expenses.

The charges in connection with any prolongation of the supervision to be agreed upon 10 working hours per day – each 6 days a week.

Commissioning and Training

Commissioning and Start-up:

Start-up of the plant takes place immediately after the installation has been

completed and may comprise, e.g.:

  • Test runs with water and/or product and/or other media and materials
  • Taking-over test(s)

We shall supply the required number of specialists to undertake the starting-up of the plant, which must take place with assistance of the local staff, attached to the plant.

The Client shall provide and pay for lubricants, fuel, water, electricity, detergents, and material of all kinds required for the start-up procedure. The taking-over test(s) if any, shall be carried out in the presence of the Client and ZHM or their authorized representatives.

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