Making our world a better place for ALL to live–with ALL of our differences

Our Build Cultural Awareness Initiative provides opportunities to learn about other cultures, faiths, and people of different backgrounds.  Begin the journey yourself, or learn with others who share a common interest and make new friends. Create a safe space to ask questions and gain understanding.

We publish Build Cultural Awareness topics with video links, a reading list, articles, and other information to help develop greater awareness and respect for those different from ourselves.  We encourage you to engage your family, friends, and colleagues in meaningful conversations about building cultural awareness. #BuildCulturalAwareness

  1. Read the blog, watch the videos and learn about the  #BuildCulturalAwareness topic.
  2. Ask someone else to join the discussion so you can make new friends and learn from their experiences.
  3. Share your ideas, photos, related stories, and facts about your culture or something you’ve learned on
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