• The Green Chemistry
  • Innovation for revaluation to value the values
  • To bring sky the farmer/people who still down water
  • To ensure right and obligation
  • To protect misguidance
  • To let understanding farmers their own achievement and dignity
  • To make farmers self sufficient to select his own choice the right
  • To intensify better life quality
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 ZHM Group is a cooperative group owned by 12,000 French growers who produce sugar beet and starch potatoes.
The cooperative vision developed by ZHM Group combines stability and dynamic development. It enables the Group to implement a development strategy to secure and expand the outlets for its cooperative growers’ agricultural production, while effectively meeting its customers’ needs for international growth.


This ability to combine a long-term vision and highly responsive decision-making is one of  ZHM Group’ major strengths. It is central to the Group’s cooperative mission: ZHM Group is the industrial and commercial extension of its cooperative growers’ farming operations. All its actions are focused on increasing their profitability and contributing towards their long-term viability.
Long-term commitment, proximity, openness and entrepreneurial spirit are values that are shared by all cooperative growers and employees across the ZHM Group. These values structure the Group’s cooperative model and support its strategy.