Ready Meals


Changing lifestyles mean that more and more people are spending less time on food preparation, even though they still want to enjoy a wide variety of high-quality meals. As a result, ready meals and convenience foods are now among the fastest growing sectors of the food industry.

To meet this demand, manufacturers have increased the range of available products and improved their quality. Products are expected to have a flavour, texture and appearance similar to that of home-cooked meals, whilst requiring little time and effort to prepare.

ZHM GROUP FLOW leads the way in developing cost-efficient and hygienic processes for the manufacture of these products and is able to offer a wide range of services:

Process know-how
Project management
Ingredients reception and storage
Systems for frozen meals
Systems for chilled ready meals
Systems for ambient stable meals – in-container processed and aseptically processed
Systems for de-hydrated meals and components
Sauce preparation systems
Rice and pasta cooking systems
In-place cleaning
Automation and management information systems
Process and product development facilities

ZHM GROUP FLOW has considerable experience in the supply of equipment for ready meals in many countries. Many reference installations illustrate that we have the proven skill and know-how to provide complete installations. Equally, ZHM GROUPFLOW can provide cost-effective improvements to selected unit operations in existing production lines.