Processed Foods

The processed food industry is in a period of amazing expansion throughout the world and ZHM GROUP FLOW is right there, helping to make it happen. We have a full line of components for processing just about any kind of food, plus a set of standard systems that make optimal use of our innovations in mixing, homogenisation and thermal processes.

Food manufacturers are under increasing pressure to provide a constant stream of imaginative, top quality products.

ZHM GROUP FLOW can provide process solutions with the appropriate level of sophistication to address this problem. We have an impressive range of equipment, and access to market experts who can help you develop winning, profitable new products.
Other APV products and services available from ZHM GROUP FLOW include:

Novel, state-of-the-art processes for the preparation, composition, preservation and packaging of new and improved product lines
Special expertise in the area of mixing, blending, concentration, homogenization and a variety of thermal processes
Extensive process know-how and experience for a wide variety of food products
Unit systems for specific processes (need to link to food unit systems page)