Pasteurized Liquid Dairy

Pasteurization is the most commonly used heat treatment method for fresh market milk and ZHM GROUP FLOW’s experience in this basic process is extensive.

Pasteurization is applied to a product with the aim of avoiding public health hazards arising from pathogenic bacteria in the milk. The level of heat treatment is determined by the need to reduce harmful micro-organisms to a level which does not constitute a significant health risk. In addition, the level of chemical, physical and sensory changes in the milk must be minimised. Increasingly, the choice of Pasteurization conditions is also being focused on extending the keeping quality of the milk.

ZHM GROUP FLOW’s in-depth knowledge and active involvement in the development of the world’s dairy industry, combined with proven experience in project management of both small and major capital projects, makes us the ideal partner for the design and installation of state-of-the-art Pasteurizing equipment.

ZHM GROUP FLOW can supply any kind of APV milk pasteurization lines with capacities from 50-200,000 l/h.

Process Diagram and Benefits


  • ZHM GROUP  FLOW global experience as a supplier of processing technology and equipment for dairy products is a key factor in our ability to deliver cost-effective solutions tailored to individual customer requirements.
  • The wide range of process systems and APV equipment offered by ZHM GROUP FLOW means that the optimum design can be selected to produce product of the highest possible quality.
  • A global presence, with local sales offices means that ZHM GROUP FLOW can offer a full range of services: from equipment and systems sales, to after-sales support, spare parts, customisation, installation and commissioning.
  • ZHM GROUP  FLOW offers an enormous range of resources to the dairy industry in process engineering, equipment manufacturing, project management – for both large and small projects – and world-class development facilities.

Several processing methods would be involved in the manufacture of these products including:

  • ZHM GROUP  FLOW aseptic valves and pipeline systems
  • APV membrane filtration plants
  • Modified APV UHT plants
  • Special ZHM GROUP  FLOW Systems milk processing lines