Industry Machinery Project

The advanced technology from brands including APV, Anhydro, Gerstenberg Schröder and Seital mean ZHM has leading capability in the supply of complete lines for the production of high quality milk powders from skim milk and buttermilk. The processing plant is designed and manufactured to customers’ specific requirements based on ZHM’s long experience and proven capability in this area.
Efficient separators and plate heat exchangers are used for pre-treatment of the milk and cream and the butter maker produce high quality butter and butter milk. The skim milk/butter milk is heat treated prior to evaporation and a homogenizer feed the concentrate to the spray dryer to produce the milk powder. A complete range of ZHM centrifugal pumps and valves further help ensure efficient and effective processing. The breakthrough ZHM Cavitator may also be used to reduce the viscosity and improve the microstructure of the milk concentrate enabling higher solids feed to the dryer and enhanced drying performance. It uses powerful shockwaves produced by the collapse of generated micro bubbles in a controlled cavitation field and is just one example of ZHM’s innovations for optimizing dairy plant efficiency.


At ZHM, our focus is on meeting the needs of a growing world. We bring to market solutions that benefit society, while delivering value-added, bottom-line business results to customers across three broad-based categories:

Food and Beverage

The Taste of Success

A growing world requires more food. At the same time, New Entrepreneur to seek food processing technologies and other solutions to help cope with rising transport costs, increased government regulations, food safety concerns and changing consumer tastes.

ZHM Group, we understand the market drivers, trends and obstacles impacting the food and beverage industry Integrating with Streamline cooperation of our world Reputable Machinery.

Customer-centric Solutions

From rugged flow control valves to a wide range of integrated food processing equipment, we provide solutions to help customers improve process performance and profitability ― and respond quickly to changing consumer and market demands.

ZHM Group solutions, which include some of the industry’s leading product brands, are designed for long-lasting reliability and low maintenance. Engineering excellence and stringent quality control help ensure they comply with the highest international standards for hygiene.

Process technology expertise, custom engineering and continued research and development also help us deliver solutions that respond to the environmental, regulatory and other issues faced by our customers.

Integrated Dairy
Nutrational Processed Food


Horticulture, HVAC, Pharmaceutical

Power and Energy

Conventional Power(Coal/Gas/Oil)
Wind Power
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