Gelatine is obtained from collagen, which is the major protein constituent of animal skin, bone, sinew and connective tissue.

Main users of gelatine are:

Pharmaceutical industry – for manufacture of capsules, suppositories
Brewing, wine and cider industries – as a clarifying agent
Food and confectionery – table jellies, pastilles, nougat, Turkish Delight, liquorice sweets
Industrial – paper, photography, abrasives, paint, printers copying materials
Meat products – meat pies, canned meats, brawn, jellied meats

The term “gelatine” therefore applies to a wide variety of products and this results in variable gelatine specifications to suit the particular needs of each industry. The main processing steps in the manufacture of gelatine are:

Concentration in two steps
Cooling using a tubular or plate heat exchanger
Setting and drying

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