Fruit Juice

ZHM GROUP FLOW has considerable experience in the design and supply of process equipment to the fruit juice industry throughout the world.

Examples of juice production include:

Citrus Fruit Juices
Fresh Cellular Fruit Juices
Re-constituted Fruit Juices
Temperature Area Fruit Juices
Tropical Fruit Juices

The production of high quality fruit juices is a complex process and SPX FLOW is able to offer the following key equipment and skills to the fruit juice processing industry:

Extensive process experience
Total project management capability
Juice extraction
Enzyme treatments
Membrane processing
Essence recovery

In association with some of the largest fruit juice processors, SPX FLOW has pioneered – and will continue to pioneer – developments in the fruit juice industry. We are uniquely positioned to assist the fruit juice processor to improve his process profitability as the industry strives to survive in an increasingly competitive market where cost and quality are paramount.

ZHM GROUP FLOW has installed over 500 APV evaporation systems throughout the world. These systems process:

95% of the citrus concentrate in Australia
90% of the pineapple concentrate in Southeast Asia and Australia
90% of the apple juice concentrate in USA

A range of equipment options ensures that the most effective, cost-efficient solution is selected:

Heat evaporation options
Tubular evaporator
Rising- and falling-film evaporator
Falling-film plate evaporator
Hybrid tubular / falling-film evaporator

Membrane filtration

ZHM GROUP FLOW’s range of membrane filtration equipment can be applied to different stages of fruit juice processing:

Reverse osmosis (need hyperlink)
Generally not cost-effective for straightforward concentration of juice
Has been applied as a pre-concentration stage, prior to heat evaporation, to increase throughput of evaporation equipment
Nanofiltration (need hyperlink)
For de-colourisation of juice, if required
Ultrafiltration (need hyperlink)
Very cost effective and currently the industry standard for depectinisation and clarification of apple juice
UF has been used in combination with RO Microfiltration
Ceramic micro-filtration membranes are being developed for juice clarification to replace diatomaceous earth and other filter aids

ZHM GROUP FLOW’s innovation in the fruit juice industry continues with the active development and application of new technologies such as membrane processing, modified atmosphere packaging, high-voltage electrical discharge and high pressure treatment.

This in-depth knowledge and active involvement in the development of the world’s fruit juice industry, combined with proven experience in project management of major capital projects, makes ZHM GROUP FLOW the ideal partner for the design and installation of state-of-the-art fruit juice processing equipment.