Cheddar Cheese

Whatever the cheddar-type product, ZHM GROUP FLOW has a process solution tailored to the individual requirements of each.

The APV CheddarMaster has been developed for the continuous manufacture of cheddar type cheese. Capacities in the range of 900-12,000 kg/hour are possible.

The standard unit consists of the following key sections:

  • Curd/whey separator pre-drain screen
  • Draining conveyor
  • Cheddar conveyors or Cheddar tower system
  • Salting/mellowing conveyor

All CheddarMaster equipment is designed for in-place cleaning and is designed to meet the requirements of USDA.

On a smaller scale, ZHM GROUP FLOW’s Cheddar Table is designed for draining, acidification and salting of cheddar curd. The curd is then transferred to mould filling for pressing into round moulds or 20 kg blocks in the horizontal Cheddar press.

Whatever the product, ZHM GROUP FLOW has experience in supplying equipment for the complete range of end-products and has the necessary in-depth process knowledge to obtain the desired quality.

Process Diagram