Click on the categories below to view the products we offer for cement and concrete products.

We offer a wide range of defoamers for cement and concrete products.

  • Liquid defoamers
  • Powder defoamers

ZHM Group supplies different fibers for cement and concrete.

  • Polyamide fibers
  • Polypropylene fibers

We offer a range of retarders for cement-based formulations.

  • Polyphosphates
  • Potassium pyrophosphate
  • Sodium gluconate

We supply a line of mould releases for concrete making the un-molding process much easier.

  • Fatty acid esters

ZHM Trading supplies different thickeners for cement and concrete.

  • Polyacrylamides
  • Polyacrylates
  • Polygalactomannan ethers
  • Xanthanes

We supply a range of admixtures with the capacity to considerably reduce water absorption of hardened cement and concrete.

  • Water repellents, fluoro-carbon based
  • Water repellents, silane based
  • Water repellents, silicone based