Integrated Turnkey Project Management

We have the capacity, capabilities and experience to successfully execute any project from concept to commissioning. Our versatile service approach—offering both turnkey and package based options—enables us to deliver the most effective and viable solutions on a global scale.

Our integrated business model, along with our electrical, controls and instrumentation expertise and international experience, has helped us achieve an excellent track record of success. From design and construction, to installation and commissioning, to technical support and maintenance services, we provide a management team that understands your needs and those of the project. By providing a single point of contact and taking ownership of the project from start to finish, we can ensure a seamless and professional experience.

We provide complete design, engineering, construction, start-up of new facilities, even assisting the Clients through scouting activities of potential Know How Licensor, transferring the Know How, providing Validation Master Plans and Standard Operating Procedures, validating, aligning industrial processes to URS and regulatory requirements.Our know how, our experience & equipment apply to any kind of large/small industrial plants.

For more details on our Turnkey, please view trunkey solution enlisted below.