In responding to a humanitarian crisis, ZHM may provide more than one type of assistance to an individual person affected by the crisis. For example, we might provide food assistance and water assistance to the same individual. The figures for each sector or thematic area show the number of people we directly assisted in that sector or thematic area, but adding the sector figures together would involve some double counting, and therefore gives a bigger figure than the actual number of individual people reached by our work.

These words have in common the idea of transferring from oneself to the care and custody of another. Commit is the widest term, and may express only the general idea of delivering into the charge of another; as, to commit a lawsuit to the care of an attorney; or it may have the special sense of entrusting with or without limitations, as to a superior power, or to a careful servant, or of consigning, as to writing or paper, to the flames, or to prison. To entrust denotes the act of committing to the exercise of confidence or trust; as, to entrust a friend with the care of a child, or with a secret. To consign is a more formal act, and regards the thing transferred as placed chiefly or wholly out of one’s immediate control; as, to consign a pupil to the charge of his instructor; to consign goods to an agent for sale; to consign a work to the press.