Baby Food

ZHM GROUP FLOW has extensive experience in the design and installation of systems for dairy-based baby foods and has process solutions for each particular product type, for example:

Infant formulas as a substitute for human milk
Follow-up formulas as part of the liquid diet of older infants
Specialty formulas for specific nutritional needs
Fermented baby foods

ZHM GROUP FLOW also has process solutions for a range of cereal-based baby foods, rusks, biscuits and “wet” baby foods containing meat, vegetables and fruit. These are described in the “Processed Food” section of this site.

This in-depth knowledge and active involvement in the development of the world’s baby food industry, combined with proven experience in project management of major capital projects, makes ZHM GROUP FLOW the ideal partner for the design and installation of state-of-the-art processing equipment.

ZHM GROUP FLOW can also provide process solutions for the Nutritional Beverage market, including production of plant based alternatives, lactose free or low fat milk drinks, flavored milks and functional beverages for children. Download our Nutritional Beverage Brochure to learn how ZHM GROUP FLOW can help you process these types of beverages your customers desire.

To obtain the correct composition of infant formulas, it is necessary to mix several ingredients prior to drying. The ingredients can be added wholly or partly, either before or after evaporation. The amount of solids in the final concentrate varies from 45% to 60%, depending on the manufacturing method and ingredients used.

Process Diagram and Benefits:

ZHM GROUP FLOW specializes in heat treatment systems which provide a combination of high bacterial destruction with gentle treatment and minimal influence on nutrient content.
To minimise the need for cleaning, APV plants can be supplied with an efficient high pressure air broom which reduces powder deposits in the dryer, thus achieving longer run times.
ZHM GROUP FLOW’s patented process for drying and agglomeration of infant formulas, gives excellent instant powder properties whilst minimising heat damage.
ZHM GROUP FLOW’s global experience as a supplier of processing technology and equipment for dairy products is a key factor in our ability to deliver cost-effective solutions tailored to individual customer requirements.
ZHM GROUP FLOW offers an enormous range of resources to the dairy industry in process engineering, equipment manufacturing, project management – for both large and small projects – and world-class development facilities.