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Inspired by National food biodiversity, indigenous wisdom and spiritualism, ZHM Group expending their wings Gradually. FC LTD. a subsidiary of ZHM works across agricultural value chains from production to distribution to preserve such biodiversity and bring community-based, organic products to broader markets. We are proudly investing our time to scout, discover and relive the forgotten food biodiversity and traditional techniques as well as the old recipes. Working with the consolidation of farmers and food artisans, selling over premium artisan food products, ZHM Group is currently known as one of the leading social enterprises in that works with a vast range of biodiverse community-based organic food products using ethical principles to improve food and life quality for the Nation.

Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year. For Happiness and joy, a comprehending benefit all the best gift of Nature’s, the best physician. Unfortunately, the nation Deprived of Nature’s best gift almost. This crisis created by complex producers, shopper behaviour, retail consolidators and emerging markets. These same challenges also open new routes to Nature’s growth. Read more


Agriculture is well known as farming or husbandry includes growing plants, fungi, food, fiber, biofuel and other products.The global food and beverages industry expected to grow tremendously


Biotechnology, the branch of applied biology that uses biological processes for medicine,engineering, technology, industrial and other purposes. The Biotechnology uses in major areas including, Cloning, Reproductive cloning, therapeutic cloning.

Food & Beverages

The global food and beverages industry expected to grow tremendously. The advancements made by food manufacturers helps the global food market to drive the food and beverages market.

Chemicals & Materials

Chemicals are a member of a big class of gaseous, liquid, or strong chemical compounds whose molecules contain carbon. For historical causes discussed below, a number of varieties of carbon-containing compounds corresponding to carbides.


With the growing competitive work environment and the pressures of the urban lifestyle, there has been an increasing demand for better healthcare services across the globe.

Life Sciences

Life science is the one of the most swiftly developing fields of modern scientific entity. In the last few decades, major advancements in technology and developments in bioinformatics


The global pharmaceutical market has persistently experienced significant growth due to the ever-increasing demand for novel and more effective drugs. The reasons for this steady increase in the demand for drugs worldwide can be attributed to population growth.

Medical Devices

Clinical assistance services have improved considerably over the years with advancement in technology. The evolution in medical technology and devices has led to breakthroughs in patient care levels.

Menufacturing & Construction

Manufacturing & Construction form the secondary sector of the economy. Manufacturing is an important activity to promote economic growth & development. Today’s consumers are well-informed and specific about their needs

Basic Materials


Energy & Power

With globalization, many changes have taken place in the world. There has been a rapid depletion of the energy sources on the planet, as a part of the same. With the current rate of consumption.


Automotive technology schools present students with the opportunity of blending their technical and inventive passions together. Your curiosity in design, form, coloration, and presentation may be satisfied along.

Consumer Goods & Retail

Owing to the increase in the incomes and consequent augmentation of the spending power of individuals, the consumer goods market has witnessed a boom in sales, in the past few years.

Security & Sensor Systems

 The Sensors market has witnessed a healthy growth in the last couple of years, across the globe. With advancement in the sensor technologies, the market further expected to grow drastically in the next few years.


Services includes providing services to household, commercial, personal, and business purposes. It includes the services like Interior Design, Child Care Service, Florist, Funeral Service, Landscaping, Laundromat and Dry Cleaner.


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Why choose us?

ZHM has developed its substantial sector specific expertise and established its reputation to the valued customers on Chr. Hansen culture division as well as others since a long time.

  • Business love working with us
  • We only get paid after your satisfaction
  • Our success is fully aligned with yours
  • Your strategic partner
  • A Circle of collaboration ranked No-1
  • Your success is our passion
  • Small Entrepreneur Development
  • Safety & Quality

Our Mission

To increase the quality of life of our consumers, to produce reliable, healthy, hygiene processed food / beverage products using natural food. To enhance the natural food with organic unity of the integral process of art.
To fulfill the responsibilities we take from the prospective of protecting and evaluating the sources that the geography we have presented to us in the best way.

Our Vision

We take our place among the greatest companies that produces natural and reliable products, value human health, focus on environment consciousness and consumer’s satisfaction.

ZHM is one of the Group of Companies involved in versatile business excellence for technologies, machinery and Natural Ingredients in different manner and prospect including social activities for the nation

“An Engineered Concern of  ZHM Group”Manufacturer, support manufacturing, JV Cooperation, Framework distribution mainly for  natural innovative technology & ingredients for dairy, food, nutrition, health and pharmaceutical industries. Extensive expertise in process flow technologies
Energy management and reduction success Sources and evaluating the geography presented the best way. World-wide excellance in cooperaton

  • Process Flow Technology
  • Separation technology
  • Aseptic solution / Air handling
  • Cooling Technology
  • Evaporation / drying technology
  • Industrial Automation
  • Filling / Packaging solution
  • Green Chemistry
  • Biomass development
  • Food Culture, Enzyme solution
  • Human and Animal Health care
  • Plant health
  • Documented Probiotic Solution
  • Food waste management
  • Energy reduction solution
  • LED lightening

Successfully established an association integrating more than 3000 farmers
To intensify and enhance agriculture and horticulture
To support farmers for cultivation with instrument and technological assistance for achieving possible increment in for any agriculture
To make farmers balanced and strengthen
To achieve value the values, rights and obligations
To save the hardship laborious foreign currency for future stability

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