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Natural ingredients are currently the number one trend in food and beverages. Manufacturers around...Read More
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Natural ingredients are currently the number one trend in food and beverages. Manufacturers around...Read More
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What We Do

ZHM produces and import high degree of quality Machinery & Ingredients a wide range from other manufacturers also. Once our QA department sincerely visit other facility, test the quality and completely be satisfied followed by the guideline of FDA / ISO / GMP / HALAL / KOSHAR / and others safety measure to protect our consumer in Bangladesh and abroad, We co-operate with innovative producers for high quality products and are dedicated to fulfilling our consumers need and rights. We believe the way build trust and strengthen relationship for an endless co-operation among the stakeholders.

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Introducing our company

Why choose us?

ZHM has developed its substantial sector specific expertise and established its reputation to the valued customers on Chr. Hansen culture division as well as others since a long time.

  • Concern for people
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Safety & Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Solidarity & Leadership
  • Customer focus & Satisfaction

Our Mission

To increase the quality of life of our consumers, to produce reliable, healthy, hygiene processed food / beverage products using natural food. To enhance the natural food with organic unity of the integral process of art.
To fulfill the responsibilities we take from the prospective of protecting and evaluating the sources that the geography we have presented to us in the best way.

Our Vision

We take our place among the greatest companies that produces natural and reliable products, value human health, focus on environment consciousness and consumer’s satisfaction.

Understanding Us

ZHM is one of the Group of Companies involved in versatile business excellence for technologies, machinery and Natural Ingredients in different manner and prospect including social activities for the nation

“An Engineered Concern of  ZHM Group”


Manufacturer, support manufacturing, JV Cooperation, Framework distribution mainly for  natural innovative technology & ingredients for dairy, food, nutrition, health and pharmaceutical industries.

Extensive expertise in process flow technologies
Energy management and reduction success
Sources and evaluating the geography presented the best way.
World-wide excellance in cooperaton

  • Process Flow Technology
  • Separation technology
  • Aseptic solution / Air handling
  • Cooling Technology
  • Evaporation / drying technology
  • Industrial Automation
  • Filling / Packaging solution
  • Green Chemistry
  • Biomass development
  • Food Culture, Enzyme solution
  • Human and Animal Health care
  • Plant health
  • Documented Probiotic Solution
  • Food waste management
  • Energy reduction solution
  • LED lightening

    Successfully established an association integrating more than 3000 farmers
    To intensify and enhance agriculture and horticulture
    To support farmers for cultivation with instrument and technological assistance for achieving possible increment in for any agriculture
    To make farmers balanced and strengthen
    To achieve value the values, rights and obligations
    To save the hardship laborious foreign currency for future stability

Meet our Team

Head of Innovation
Kurt Anderson

We assist our client for plant engineering, optimizing production processes, increasing yields and improving quality. The microbial and enzymatic solutions are cutting-edge functional tools let you produce great-tasting, consistent products are specially for dairy and meats application.  Products are distributed/produced are from the WORLD LEADER in their respective area. We maintain adequate stock and distribute countrywide and remain a trusted, professional supplier to the dairy, meat industries for food cultures and enzymes. For more than 15 years working with enzymes and bacteria, we have the expertise and reach to deliver value, every time.

Plant Division
Mr. Zahirul Huq

Innovative Plant Engineer, One of best engineers in Bangladesh have practical expertise. Successful reference in completion over 100 project within Bangladesh. in Mechanical Engineering, Trained in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and many other places abroad time to time.  Experience: More than 30 Years.

Managing Director
Mohammad Mofazzal Hossain

To solve engineering problems, engineers to follow a series of steps
called the “Engineering Design Process”
Flexible, engaging, easy to implement
Designed to Build Confidence
The symbol of the excellancy in Management
His good heart overcome the wave and remain its reputation
knolodge in process flow, right ingredients solved all the difficulty and
recognize the company as symbol of impartiality and competence

Consumer Behavior
Ms. S.Y. Nupur

The company is benefited for her expellant vocabulary, industry and product art; excellent approach used in particular language, maximum honesty, very clean label in expression. Skilled in International negotiation, adequate technical knowledge about geographical advantageous. Religious, Amicable, highly educated and customer friendly.

Nutrition Contact - ZHM Group
Mr. Peter Wisler

The company has the symbol of his vast experiences of over 30 years, being held the position of international technical experience including one world biggest producing company based on bio science and nutritional ingredients. The absolute nutrition contact for especially human health protection system. The qualified product developer having trained and origin in Switzerland, execution at Australia and much other biggest company’s product development across the developed world, improvement, training and subsequent suggestion.

International Sales Manager
Sophile Gomer

The company is a symbol of his values, ideas and integrity that he has managed to bring to the company as well as the construction industry. He is an International Sales Manager Pharmaceuticals,  Neutaceuticals Herbal and plant extract.

Managing Director
Hunter Walton

The company is a symbol of his values, ideas and integrity that he has managed to bring to the company as well as the construction industry.

Head of Innovation
Ethel Pope

The company is a symbol of his values, ideas and integrity that he has managed to bring to the company as well as the construction industry.

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